Beijing Workers' Stadium turns to international standard professional football arena

The multi-purpose Beijing Workers' Stadium, built in 1959 to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, has turned into an international standard professional football stadium.


Workers' Stadium Nears Completion As New Additions Unveiled

Construction work on Workers’ Stadium – aka Gongti or New Gongti – is showing signs of nearing completion, as the concrete façade and interior of the new stadium was unveiled on Oct 8, according to local media.


BEIJING FC is coming!

The overall facade of the renovation project of Beijing Workers' Stadium was unveiled on October 8th. On the east stand of the stadium, the words "BEIJING FC" are spelled out with two theme colors of Beijing Guoan Football Club.

Core Business

Beijing Workers' Stadium

Completed in 1959, the Beijing Workers' Stadium is one of the Top Ten Buildings in Beijing. It was the venue of many state events and major sports competitions. It is also the home ground of Beijing Guoan Football Club for more than 20 years.

Taizicheng Resort

Located in the center of the 2022 Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou Zone, Taizicheng Resort is adjacent to the Taizicheng High-speed Railway Station and covers an area of 2.89 square kilometres with a total floor area of 1.34 million square meters.

Beijing Guoan Football Club

Beijing Guoan Football Club’s predecessor was the Beijing Football Team formed in 1957 by the local sports committee. The club was officially established on 29 December 1992, making it the first professional football club in China.

Gongti Metaverse

Gongti Metaverse (GTVerse) is the integration of digital and real consumption experience, based on the passenger flow in the traditional Gongti commercial area and the private domain traffic of the loyal fans of Guoan Football Club. Taking the advantages of the geographical location and the LBS of Gongti, it is a new B2C mixed reality Internet social platform developed and operated by Sinobo Group and its Eco partners with digital base, intelligent middle station, global data, 5G private network, hybrid cloud and multi-modal intelligent terminal.

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