China Trade in Services Fair: Beijing's landmark stadium embraces a metaverse future


(Source: CGTN

Beijing Workers' Stadium is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. Currently, it's under renovation and the plan is to add more digital technology and make it China's first stadium that embraces the metaverse. Ning Hong has this report.

Beijing Workers' Stadium has been under renovations for nearly two years. And a model of the renovated stadium was showcased at the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing.

YU BO Senior Branding Manager, SINOBO Group "After the renovations, the stadium will keep its elliptical shape."

The stadium is also adding more tech elements. It's called the GTVerse, a metaverse project that aims to provide an immersive digital experience for visitors at the new Beijing Workers' Stadium.

NING HONG Beijing "The Beijing Workers' Stadium has provided audience an alternative solution to enjoy soccer game in the future."

To achieve that, a super cloud network is being established in the stadium, including a private 5G network, and hybrid cloud computing infrastructure.

GTVerse is working with China Mobile, one the largest 5G operators in China, and Qualcomm, the world's leading chip manufacture to build this ambitious project.

From handsets to digital icons, many tech companies have showcased their metaverse projects at the China International Fair for Trade in Services. Visitors to Beijing Workers' Stadium will experience the immersive metaverse by as early as next year. Ning Hong, CGTN, Beijing.

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