Workers' Stadium Nears Completion As New Additions Unveiled


(Source: the Beijinger)

Construction work on Workers’ Stadium – aka Gongti or New Gongti – is showing signs of nearing completion, as the concrete façade and interior of the new stadium was unveiled on Oct 8, according to local media.

Also unveiled were some of the stadium’s new seats, with most of the lower and upper bleacher sections having had fresh green seating added with spots of yellow seats here and there to spell out “Beijing FC”, aka Beijing Guo’an, who call Workers’ Stadium home.

As we wrote way back in March, the new Workers’ Stadium will have greater capacity: 2,000 new seats have been added to the total. Plus, four tiers of seating and the erasure of the original stadium’s running track means capacity will top out at 68,000.

Much of the new seating has been added

Upgrades are taking place around the stadium as well, with the whole complex set to become a new nightlife area. Although time will tell if it’s going to be as legendary as the Gongti of old.

The stadium and its surrounding complex are slated to be completed and opened to the public by December of this year, with a new station connecting Line 3 and Line 17 underneath and a tunnel connecting the station with Sanlitun Taikooli planned in the near future.

Another look at the stadium and it's shiny new exterior

Images: 2bing4u, courtesy of 中赫工体
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