Banyan Tree Chongli & Angsana Chongli to Open within Taizicheng Resort


Taizicheng Resort and Banyan Tree Holdings signed the management contract on April 15, 2020. The Banyan Tree Holdings will operate the Banyan Tree Chongli & Angsana Chongli within the International Resort Hotel Group of Taizicheng Resort, as one more step towards a vibrant year-round international tourist destination.

The International Resort Hotel Group of Taizicheng Resort will be providing high-end hospitality support for VIPs during the Olympic Games and develop progressively to comply with demands during and after the Olympics. Taizicheng Resort has already contracted with top resort hotel brands such as Four Seasons, Kimpton and Oakwood Suites.

The Banyan Tree Chongli is a sanctuary for the senses nestled in the International Resort Hotel Group with unobstructed views of rolling greens and scenic mountains, and a signature blend of romance of travel with a green conscience.

The Angsana Chongli is adjacent to the Banyan Tree Chongli. It is a destination playground that brings adventure back into travel.

The Banyan Tree Holdings is a leading international operator and developer of premium resorts, hotels, spas and residences with a strong industry track record since 1994. It also manages and/or has ownership interests in niche resorts and hotels. A resort managed by the Group typically commands room rates at the high end of each property’s particular market. As at 2019, the Group offers its customers a multi-faceted travel and exceptional experiences which it operates and delivers through its 47 hotels and resorts, 64 spas, 72 retail galleries and 3 golf courses in 24 countries.

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