260-Year-Old Wanglong Gateway Rebuilt in Wanliu House



The Wanglong (Chinese: 望龙, meaning: looking forward to the arrival of the dragon) Gateway, a 260-year-old building in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, has been re-built in Beijing's Wanliu House. Wanliu House sets a new benchmark for Beijing's high-end residential buildings and is developed by Sinobo Land. The Wang Long Building is the main above ground structure and crowning feature of Wanliu House Project Club.

Since the design stage, Sinobo Land has strived to integrate the deep cultural heritage of Wanliu House in Haidian into its buildings so as to endow them with a more durable life. In order to highlight Sinobo Land's spirit and to represent the historical heritage of Wanliu House as a school area, Sinobo Land made efforts to select a representative building. The building finally selected was an old but prominent Wang Long building in the wood carving village of Dongyang in Zhejiang Province.

The building was constructed during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty by Xu Yinchu, a student in the Imperial College, at a cost of 15,000 liang of silver to welcome the Emperor Qianlong’s arrival. The Wanglong Gateway has thick columns and strong beams, with yew and camphor as its main materials. It is carved delicately by skillful craftsmen, so the lines are distinctive and lifelike and the sound of stone can be heard when columns and beams are rapped. Even after hundreds of years, the building is still structurally sound and the wood is well preserved.

All bricks, tiles, rafters, beams and other parts of the old building were recorded by Sinobo Land, and local traditional craftsmen were employed to rebuild the old building over the course of one year. In the early morning of 14 November, 2013, the Wang Long Building was shipped to Beijing and arrived two days later at the Wanliu House Project construction site. Six craftsmen from Dongyang, Zhejiang Province spent 15 days reconstructing the building. On 1 December, the main structure of the Wang Long Building was completed. Next, Sinobo Land will conduct a series of anti-corrosion and reinforcement treatments on the building.

Wanliu House Club is divided into two floors with a library, wine cellar, cigar house, art gallery, HD cinema, swimming pool, yoga studio, gym, housekeeping center, children’s activity center and a private banquet hall. This creates a leisure and meeting space for customers with high tastes and high standards. 

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