Joint Promotion of Youth Football by Sinobo Group and Beijing Education Committe


"Football should be part of education. As a company born in Beijing and growing up in Beijing, Sinobo Group should take on more social responsibilities for the city and should participate in youth football education."

Mr. Jinhui Zhou, Chairman of Sinobo Group and Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club, addressed at the official signing ceremony of coopertation between Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club and Beijing Municipal Education Commission on 18 December, 2017.

The core of the campus football cooperation memorandum signed by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club is to promote and improve the systematic and scientific campus football teaching, training, competitions, activities, culture and reserve talent selection and training systems around the promotion of the healthy and sustainable development of the youth and campus football in Beijing.

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