Dongwei Road Project

Dongwei Road Project is located in Sunhe, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and close to Wenyuhe Wetland Park, the largest urban wetland park in Asia. It is the most popular low-density residential area in Beijing. As a low-density residential area closest to the urban core (CBD), the Dongwei Road Project adopts the idea of axial symmetry as the planning and design concept, forms different space sequences by borrowing garden changes, and demonstrates the sense of dignity and etiquette.

The project adopts the design form of overlapping and flat villa, which is luxurious and wide, with 270 degrees of lighting, ensuring the high quality and purity of the residential circle and the scarcity of the product market. As a work of art created by SINOBO, the project lies in Chaoyang District.

Project Overview

Development Period:expected to commence in March 2023 Construction Scale:45,000 m²