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Wanliu House
Wanliu House Awarded LEED Platinum Certification
On 16 January, 2018, Wanliu House project was awarded with LEED platinum certification ...
Wanliu House
Sales of Wanliu House by Sinobo Land begin
The Wanliu House is located in the heart of a traditional high-end community in Haidian District. It is the ...
Wanliu House
260-Year-Old Wanglong Gateway Rebuilt in Wanliu House
The Wanglong (Chinese: 望龙, meaning: looking forward to the arrival of the dragon) Gateway, a 260-year-old building in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province...
Wanliu House
Official Website of Wanliu House Formally Launched
The official website of Wanliu House was formally launched on 26 November, 2013.
Wanliu House
Sinobo Land Wins Bid for Wanliu Plot
In the afternoon of 10 July, after 46 purchase bids and 327 repurchase bids during an open auction, Sinobo Land...
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