Mobile Metaverse Initiative(MMI)


Modem was invented 60 years ago with slow connectivity speed of 300 bit/s. Yet it generated 40% of the global GDP.

Smartphones, created 15 years ago, are now owned by more than 4 billion users around the world.

Bit civilization and Atomic civilization have jointly driven the digital transformation of human life. What the impossible for now could become reality in the future?

Time flies to 2022, digital technology tools such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing, Blockchain, Interactive Technology, Engine, and the Internet of Things are ready for transferring the human society from the information age to the digital age, and the new stage of Internet - Metaverse has brought attention to the public in the very beginning.

Metaverse calls for new innovative rules. As important players in the digital technology industry, we all believe:


The most important infrastructure of connectivity for Metaverse is Mobile Networks. Based on the combination of low-frequency, mid-frequency and millimeter-wave telecommunications networks and hot-spot networks throughout the world, Mobile Networks accelerate the technological evolution, standard formulation and industrial collaboration on the core functions of Metaverse such as time-sensitive service, peak rate, edge computing, and network rendering. It will be 5G Advanced oriented, and continues to keep the momentum of maintaining major upgrades for every decade. Meanwhile, The "G Network" with the minimum 1G bps for the uplink rate and the minimum 10G bps for the downlink rate will provide the main intelligent computing force and storage power needed by the Metaverse, and creates the most ubiquitous, reliable, compatible and affordable digital computing network infrastructure.


The most basic carrier of the Metaverse are various forms of Mobile Devices, such as smartphone. Smart devices developed and manufactured based on operating systems such as Harmony OS, Android, iOS and Windows operating system are the general computing platforms with the highest penetration rate, the highest industrial maturity and the highest cost-effectiveness in the world. The mobile devices industry will continue to increase investment, R&D and innovation on 2.5D display, AR experience, high resolution and energy-saving depth sensors, heterogeneous wireless access, database applications based on federated learning, laser sensors and the integration upgrades of software and hardware. It will be fully compatible with existing mobile and desktop smart devices, while fully promoting the deployment scale of new affordable XR terminals to create the premier Metaverse mobile terminal ecosystem for digital native consumers and enterprise consumers in the digital age.


The corner stone principle of the Metaverse is Interconnected and Interoperable. Mobile Networks and multi-form intelligent terminals have activated the era of big data, with data becomes a new production material in human society. The Metaverse is built on massive amounts of big data and will create even bigger data. Interconnection combines Internet data, user data and IoT data between different platforms into real big data by unifying digital identity authentication, protecting data ownership, empowering data use rights. The interoperable nature of these digital environments could be the driving force of the Metaverse industry and it will avoid the abuse of monopoly so as to lay the most solid foundation for the sustainable and inclusive development in the digital age.


The Metaverse is not a product, but a toolbox, and its success depends on the user. The industry is the provider, developer, and user of the toolbox, and the "construction engineer" of the Metaverse. We jointly advocate:


As the unknown is greater than the known in Metaverse, we will jointly explore the way of survival, development and success in the digital age, continue to build an intelligent, agile and ubiquitous Mobile Networks, focus on innovative, diverse and affordable mobile intelligent terminals, and actively promote safe, open and shared data interconnection. We look forward to collaborating with technology and ecological enterprises, adjacent industries and stakeholders to join the Mobile Metaverse Initiative (MMI), and provide a new platform for a healthier, more inclusive, and more sustainable home field with more spillover effects with high-level industry gathering and innovation activity which include the construction of mobile Metaverse innovation thought leadership, mobile Metaverse innovation white paper research, "Swan Award" - the Mobile Metaverse Application Special Track, and mobile metaverse test field of GTVerse joint innovation laboratory, etc.


The founding members of "Mobile Metaverse Initiative MMI":

(in random order)

China Mobile Design Competition Swan Award Organizing Committee


Organization for Industrial Metaverse Synergy Development

Artificial Intelligence Special Committee of China Association of Communications Enterprises

China Mobile Communications Federation

China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Metaverse Professional Committee

5G China Innovation 100


China Mobile Research Institute

Unicom Online Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

China Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd.

Tianyi Telecom Terminal Co., Ltd.

Shared Communication

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